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Automated controls systems are the brains of your building. For your complete system, we provide 

  • Planning
  • Integration
  • Engineering
  • Programming
  • Graphics Development
  • Hardware and Software Installation 

We manage the installation of your complete system on site, commission it, and start it all up to control your HVAC, lighting, security, and occupancy systems.

At Paradigm, we’re leading the industry into the next phase of fully-integrated building controls, energy management, and environmental stewardship. We’re the future of intelligent automation.

Our Values

  • Innovate the BMS industry
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Balance cost vs. quality
  • Provide a service model of excellence
  • Integrate delivery of products
  • Diminish risk and increase efficiency

Sustainability Through Technology

Up to 17% of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada originate from energy-inefficient buildings. At Paradigm, we believe the key to designing sustainable energy management systems lies in implementing Automated Logic technology. We use innovative DDC equipment and software protocols for more cost-effective and comfortable building operations. 

Healthy Building Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it painfully obvious that it’s more important than ever to monitor the indoor air quality (IAQ) of our work environments. Our Healthy Building services include indicators to measure the particles per million of contaminants in the air you breathe, and control strategies to ensure healthier, safer, and more efficient workspaces. 

Paradigm Automation is committed to protecting your most important asset – the health of your employees and customers. 

For more information about Healthy Buildings, click here.

Smart Building Solutions

In partnership with Automated Logic, Paradigm uses intelligent BMS features such as BACnet, WebCTRL®, and ACx™ software that improve operational freedom, flexibility, and energy-efficiency. Building control sensors have become smarter, making machine-learning an integral part of your automation systems. 

At Paradigm, we design smart building ecosystems so you can properly manage and analyze your commercial facilities. 

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership 

Our competitors use “limited points” servicing: You would constantly need to add new sensors, adjustors, login users, and additional licenses to maintain an intelligent automation control system. This can become costly and inefficient down the road.

Paradigm Automation offers unlimited points, unlimited users, and unlimited site licensing: You get the technology you need up front to expand your control systems for a lower total cost of ownership in the future. 

At Paradigm, we empower you to make your own decisions and drive your own outcomes.

Let’s do business together.

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