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Are you tired of the unreliable service from the bigger BMS firms? Paradigm provides an alternative service model of excellence, innovation, and collaboration. We offer better energy management solutions for more sustainable building control systems. 

At Paradigm, we do what we say we’re going to do.

Trusted Services

  • Innovative control systems engineering
  • Pre-construction services
  • Equipment supply and installation
  • Building management systems integration
  • Low voltage and electrical system installation
  • Energy management analytics
  • Turnkey solutions with HVAC equipment  
  • Systems maintenance and repairs

Empowering Technology

Paradigm proudly uses Automated Logic technology, the most innovative provider of BMS hardware and software in the industry. Their web-based protocols add a tonne of value to your building control systems, ensuring more sophistication, flexibility, and return on your investment.

Paradigm Automation - Building Management System

WebCTRL® Building Automation System

Every smart building needs a strong foundation. WebCTRL® uses an intuitive user interface that allows you to manage your facility’s HVAC, lighting, security and other systems all within a single, integrated platform. It enables you to ensure comfort, conserve energy, pinpoint problems, and lower operating costs. Trust us: Once our clients get this functionality, they never again go without it.

BACnet Secure  - Paradigm Automation

BACnet Secure 

With more and more of us working remotely, it’s important that access to our company’s building control systems is tied to a secure IT network. That’s where BACnet comes in. Integrated into the WebCTRL® software, BACnet is a communications platform that protects automation systems from outside threats using standard internet protocols.

BACnet Secure  - Paradigm Automation

ACxelerate™ Automated Commissioning (ACx)

Also an add-on to WebCTRL®, this tool tests single-duct, dual-duct and fan-powered VAV terminal unit dampers and reheat valves, substantially reducing the commissioning time of your control system. It also includes health reports so building owners can make sure their HVAC systems are operating as designed. ACx™ instills confidence in your building’s automation control system. Learn more here.

ACxelerate™ Automated Commissioning (ACx) - VAV Terminal - Paradigm Automation

Integrated Delivery

Paradigm Automation improves the efficiency of your facilities by combining older, third-party control systems with a modern, web-based platform, making expansion plans and retrofits easier and less costly. Our services our scalable with existing HVAC systems and improve your building’s operations with seamless, integrated delivery.

Let’s do business together.

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